'The whole story of Kentish Christianity, which is so important a part of the history of Anglo-Saxon England, is embodied in this young woman's bones'

Eleanor Parker

Finding Eanswythe

Welcome to the Finding Eanswythe project website!

‘Finding Eanswythe: the Life and Afterlife of an Anglo-Saxon Saint’ is a community-led project about a nationally important heritage in Folkestone, Kent. Our focus is Eanswythe, an Anglo-Saxon, Kentish royal saint, the granddaughter of Ethelbert who was the first English king to convert to Christianity under Augustine.

As the project draws to a close, we are in the process of sifting through and drawing together a vast amount of information. Important new insights are coming to light as we speak. You will find that some of these pages are in development, but we hope to release them very soon!

Navigate through our website pages to explore the rich legacy surrounding this fascinating young woman. We have been in search of Eanswythe through archaeology, historical research, mapping, music and art. As we continue our search, please join us and all of those who through the centuries have been ‘Finding Eanswythe’.


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